Human-centered artificial intelligence in automation technology


Hands-on research enables the transition from vision to reality

A man interacts with a robot © RWTH International Academy

Artificial Intelligence has become an integral part of economic progress. However, companies are still reluctant when it comes to its industrial application. One reason is the required expertise, another the high complexity of AI technologies. Therefore, AI technologies are being explored and applied in the Smart Automation Lab, with a strong focus on the human user. This includes the integration of the human in the training process as well as increasing the transparency of AI algorithms using for example Human Machine Interfaces. Within the cluster of excellence IoP, methods for integration of physical knowledge into neural networks and the continual optimization thereof are being researched.  A focus lies on the generation of high quality training data as well as the practical transfer to the industrial domain. A further emphasis lies on the application of Smart Robotics and the close collaboration between human and robot in assembly, for instance.