Transfer center with focus on cutting and coating; Coordination of the ProKI network

Artificial intelligence algorithms have shown great potential in various research projects during the last couple of years. In manufacturing small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), however, these potentials are rarely used due to a low degree of digitalization or lack of the required technical know-how.

This is where the PROKI-NETZ research projects come into play. The aim is to develop concepts for putting modern, interdisciplinary approaches from research into practice of manufacturing companies. In total, eight demonstration and transfer centers located at different technical universities in Germany are established, focusing on different manufacturing technologies in the fields of cutting, joining, forming and coating. The centers are coordinated here in Aachen.

Within the PROKI-AACHEN center, example applications for the use of AI in cutting and coating processes are presented in various demonstration environments. Experts from the center conduct qualification measures as well as individual consultation hours to provide the necessary knowledge for implementing algorithms of AI in their own use cases.

Consultations and support for company-specific projects represent a final accompanying step for the successful transfer. Close cooperation between IT, production engineering and work science ensures that, in addition to the technical implementation, the employees affected are also involved in the introduction process.