Robot arm on a table © Peter Winandy  

Relevance to the problems of manufacturing industry is the quality criterion of application-oriented research. In order to know this, university institutes must seek close cooperation with industry and evaluate their concepts and developments by their contribution to solving practice-relevant problems. The Machine Tool Laboratory at RWTH Aachen University has made this the guiding principle of its work.

For more than 100 years, a working method has developed here that combines the further development of new solutions in research and their application in industry in a cycle. Thus, both the consulting of companies in their specific, decisive questions and the further development of technologies and solutions in application-oriented research projects are important pillars of the work at the WZL. In addition, the work of the approximately 850 employees at the WZL includes the supervision of courses and a comprehensive seminar program for professional development.

Today, the canon of relevant questions is dealt with in four chairs at the WZL, so that a holistic range of solutions is offered, from production systematics via the technology of manufacturing processes and machine tools to production metrology and quality management.

At the WZL, state-of-the-art resources are available in the form of machines, equipment and our digital factory. However, our real capital is our employees. The best performance can only be achieved with the best people in their disciplines. Our claim to ourselves is "more ability and more will". "Capable" because our employees have excellent training from the best universities worldwide, "willing" because they seek and live responsibility on a small and large scale.