Control, monitoring and optimization of manufacturing processes


Digitalization paves the way for sustainability in production

stylized machine tool with a camera and a display which visualizes measured values Copyright: © Dr. Martin Riedel  

Digitization has already established itself in production. Whether for the automated control of bonding processes using integrated sensor technology or quality monitoring of forming processes using optical systems. The digital value chain also enables efficient identification of bottlenecks and optimization potential with regard to production equipment and processes. An increasingly important optimization criterion is sustainability, which becomes quantifiable through digitalization. In the "GeMeKi" research project, these advances are extended through the application of human-centered artificial intelligence. For example, the complex machining process will be supplemented by an expert system that uses neural networks to predict quality-relevant process variables as a function of the selected process parameters. Finally, digital process chains simplify the coordination of hybrid processes, which leads to a reduction in processing time.